Expedition Travellers

Expeditions, by their very nature are similar to adventure holidays so everything in the above section is also of use for this group. However, expeditions are usually much longer in duration than most adventure holidays, travel to even more remote locations and require certain skill levels and fitness.

AdventureIf you are going on an expedition you are likely to be exposed to more diseases than other travellers due to the nature of the location and duration of stay. You will probably interact more with the local population than other travellers. Study, in advance, any necessary measures to prevent infection from contaminated food and water, insects and animals bites and close contact with locals.

You will probably be travelling to extremely remote areas where there is no or limited medical assistance available. A medical kit together with first aid and surgical equipment will therefore be essential.

If you are leading the expedition it will be your responsibility to ensure that adequate medical supplies are taken. Consider taking a course in expedition first aid and emergency procedures.

The medical supplies should be appropriate to the type of expedition and the region and should contain enough supplies to adequately cover the number of persons in the group for the duration of the expedition.

Along with the medical supplies, the expedition should ideally take an expedition doctor or someone qualified in the diagnosis of illness and the administration of medicines. If this is not possible then a handbook with instructions on the use of medicines should be included but will be a poor substitute.

If mosquito and other insect bites are likely you should consider taking suitable clothing, insect repellents and mosquito nets.

Large, professionally organised expeditions are likely to have their own expedition doctor complete with a whole host of medical, surgical & first aid supplies. Members of expeditions are usually quite fit and in excellent medical condition and will therefore, respond well to medical treatment.